We all want to look the best we can every day in our lives. Thanks to the many opportunities today, such as cosmetic surgery and cosmetics in general, this task is much easier to achieve for many people. Of course this wasn’t the case in the old days, since even makeup didn’t really exist until the 21st century. However, with the almost unlimited access to the most advanced cosmetic procedures today, one can truly have the look they want. This is what Lifestyle Lift offered people.

Tired of looking tired? Then Lifestyle Lift was said to be the optimal cosmetic procedure for you. Lifestlye Lift is basically a facelift, but it’s actually different from a traditional facelift (which by the way a lot of people have already tried and haven’t had much success with) in a way that it is less invasive and targets only the lower part of the face. Lifestyle Lift offers a more traditional and more successful take on cosmetic surgery regarding the face and can net you a lot of ’years’ and a younger look. Many people don’t know this but during Lifestyle Lift it’s not the skin that surgeons are tightening, but the deeper layer of tissue right below it, therefore, it is much more effective and provides a more long-lasting effect than a traditional facelift. The procedure usually involves an incision made along the temple hairline and continuing down around the front of the ear and then following the natural curves along the way. The typical incision makes an S shape although the incision length and type can differ between patients as surgeons have to adapt to certain situations.

A lot of patients were satisfied with the procedure, however it seems not everyone was pleased with the results. Many people reported inconsistencies after the healing period was done. Lifestyle Lift was founded in 2001 by Dr. David Kent and the procedure became really well-known over the years. Having completed over 170.000 surgeries, Lifestyle Lift is a procedure that many people have tried. Lifestyle Lift is said to be completely safe and offers patients a chance to become younger again. Several patients have been interviewed after the surgery and they reported that there had been minimal pain and the surgery itself was comfortable. Which, by the way cannot be said about many plastic and cosmetic surgeries. It’s is performed with local anesthesia and usually takes less than an hour, earning itself the nickname “The Lunchtime Lift”.

Creating a unified impression on Lifestyle Lift is difficult. The majority of patients have been satisfied with the service, however there have been a few occasions when this wasn’t the case. One patient revealed that their eyes looked puffier than before and their neck was pulled too much. However, another patient claimed that Lifestyle Lift was the story of the ugly duckling turning into a swan for them. While Lifestyle Lift definitely has it’s benefits if done right, one should carefully choose the surgeon for this procedure.